Execute a payment attempt for a specific account

POST /accounts/{account_id}/line_items/payments/payment_transfer

Canopy will first try to execute a payment via the account or payment's payment processor configuration, and then store the corresponding record in Canopy's system.

Path parameters

Body Required

Body of request to create payment.

  • The ID to be associated with the line item for future requests.

    Format should match the following pattern: ^(?!can_).*$.

  • original_amount_cents integer Required

    The payment amount in cents.

    Default value is 0.

  • The new status which you would like to set for the line item

    Values are VALID, INVALID, PENDING, or AUTHORIZED. Default value is VALID.

  • effective_at string(date-time)

    The Date-Time that the payment is applicable to the account. This field should only be used to back-date payment transactions for the purpose of testing or if a data migration is being performed with migration_mode enabled.

  • external_fields array[object] | null

    External fields can be used to relate payments created in Canopy to entities in your or any external system.

    Not more than 100 elements.

    • key string

      Key - i.e. Name of the External Party

    • value string

      Value - i.e. External Account ID


POST /accounts/{account_id}/line_items/payments/payment_transfer
curl \
 -X POST https://<your_environment_name>-uat-api.canopyservicing.com/accounts/can_52322/line_items/payments/payment_transfer \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"line_item_id":"0x1234","original_amount_cents":200,"line_item_status":"VALID","effective_at":"2020-07-20T09:11:28+00:00","external_fields":[{"key":"Globex Card Processing Account ID","value":"22445702-a389-431f-927d-07b8d0750787"}]}'
Request example
  "line_item_id": "0x1234",
  "original_amount_cents": 200,
  "line_item_status": "VALID",
  "effective_at": "2020-07-20T09:11:28+00:00",
  "external_fields": [
      "key": "Globex Card Processing Account ID",
      "value": "22445702-a389-431f-927d-07b8d0750787"
Response example (200)
  "account_id": 4,
  "line_item_id": 2,
  "effective_at": "2018-07-20T09:12:30+00:00",
  "created_at": "2018-06-20T09:12:30+00:00",
  "product_id": 1,
  "line_item_summary": {
    "original_amount_cents": 2484,
    "balance_cents": 3600,
    "principal_cents": 2400,
    "interest_balance_cents": 1100,
    "am_interest_balance_cents": 0,
    "deferred_interest_balance_cents": 200,
    "am_deferred_interest_balance_cents": 0,
    "total_interest_paid_to_date_cents": -16
  "merchant_data": {
    "name": "string",
    "id": "string",
    "mcc_code": 42.0,
    "phone_number": "string"
  "issuer_processor_details": {
    "lithic": {
      "last_four": 3324,
      "transaction_token": "33xd08bc-d100-488y-bb93-f8a1f081ff0e",
      "card_token": "c6cd08bc-c524-48f5-b64d-f79ec0810df4"
  "external_fields": [
      "key": "Globex Card Processing Account ID",
      "value": "22445702-a389-431f-927d-07b8d0750787"
  "line_item_overview": {
    "line_item_status": "VALID",
    "line_item_type": "PAYMENT",
    "description": "Payment against the account"