Query parameters


  • 200 array[object] | null

    Successful query of history of notes for a specific account

    • note_id string Required

      A Canopy-generated ID for the note.

    • ID for the account related to this note.

    • ID for the product related to this note.

    • ID for the finance request related to this note.

    • ID for the line item related to this note.

    • author object

      The user who authored the note

      • api_user_id string Required

        The unique ID in Canopy for this API user

      • organization_name string Required

        The organization to which the API user belongs.

      • name_first string Required

        The first name of the API user.

      • name_last string Required

        The last name of the API user.

      • email string(email) Required

        The email address of this API User

      • phone string | null

        Phone number of the API user

      • role integer Required

        The role of this user in the API

    • message string

      The contents of the note.

    • created_date string(date-time) Required

      The date and time the note was created.

  • 401


  • 403


  • 404

    Note not found.

  • 429

    Too many requests.

  • Unexpected Error.

GET /notes
curl \
 -X GET https://<your_environment_name>-uat-api.canopyservicing.com/notes \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response example (200)
    "note_id": "31mNprzLd2bKl6koVna68ARM",
    "account_id": "31mNprzLd2bKl6koVna68ARM",
    "product_id": "31mNprzLd2bKl6koVna68ARM",
    "finance_request_id": "31mNprzLd2bKl6koVna68ARM",
    "line_item_id": "31mNprzLd2bKl6koVna68ARM",
    "author": {
      "api_user_id": "dc3d83c5-b31e-48eb-80e7-38f12ac1a6e5",
      "organization_name": "Lever Card 3000",
      "name_first": "Analise",
      "name_last": "Goldberg",
      "email": "marissa@globex.com",
      "phone": "1-123-456-7890",
      "role": 1
    "message": "Attempted to call back customer, but no response.",
    "created_date": "2023-05-04T09:42:00+00:00"