Get the status of a vanity domain.

GET /organization/vanity-domain/{domain_name}

Path parameters


  • 200 object

    Successful get of a vanity domain

    • domain_name string Required

      The vanity domain to create.

    • service_type string Required

      The Canopy service to create the domain for.

      Values are os, borrower-portal, or guest-pay.

    • status string Required

      The status of the vanity domain.

      Values are pending, complete, failed, or deleting.

    • The status details.

    • records array[object] Required

      The DNS records to create.

      • name string Required

        The record name.

      • value string Required

        The record value.

      • type string Required

        DNS record type.

  • 401


  • 403


  • 404

    Not found.

  • 429

    Too many requests.

  • Unexpected Error.

GET /organization/vanity-domain/{domain_name}
curl \
 -X GET https://<your_environment_name> \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response example (200)
  "domain_name": "",
  "service_type": "borrower-portal",
  "status": "pending",
  "status_details": "Waiting for validation.",
  "records": [
      "name": "",
      "value": "",
      "type": "CNAME"