Edit account's external fields

Edit account's external fields
The body of your request should be in the same format used to provide key value pairs when adding external fields when creating an account.
[{'key': 'key 1', 'value': 'value 1'}, {'key': 'key 2', 'value': 'value 2'}]
There are a few important aspects to note:

  1. The data that is sent in the body of the request will fully override any values that were previously assigned to the account’s external fields. If you are intending to only update a single key value, we recommend doing a GET /account call first to retrieve the previous values, updating the relevant portion, and then providing that as your body for the request.
  2. The endpoint will accept any valid JSON object, however, if the key/value structure above is not used, you risk breaking your CanopyOS view for the given account.
  3. Changes to the external fields on an account do not trigger the account_update webhook.
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