Past Due Report

A Past-Due report is a financial document that provides information about overdue payments or outstanding debts. It is a valuable tool for tracking and managing accounts that are in arrears. This report is particularly useful for financial institutions, creditors, and lenders who need to monitor and address overdue accounts effectively.


  • account_id: This is the ID used to identify the account in your system.
  • delinquency_bucket: The delinquency bucket is a categorization or grouping of accounts based on the number of days a payment is overdue or past due. It helps classify accounts by the severity of delinquency. The delinquency buckets are often labelled as "30 days," "60 days," "90 days," and so on, indicating how many days the payment is overdue.
  • days_past_due: Days past due is the number of days that a payment is overdue beyond its due date. It's a measure of how late a payment is.
  • cure_payment_cents: The cure payment represents the amount that a delinquent account needs to pay to become current or "cured." It's the outstanding balance required to bring the account up to date.
  • stabilization_payment_cents: Stabilization payments are payments made by the account holder to partially reduce the delinquency. These payments help prevent the account from moving to a more severe delinquency bucket.
  • minimum_payment_due_date: The minimum payment due date is the deadline by which the minimum required payment must be made to avoid further delinquency or penalties.

SQL Template

    p.external_account_id AS account_id,
    COALESCE(p.days_past_due, 0) AS days_past_due,
    COALESCE(p.stabilization_payment_cents, 0) AS stabilization_payment_cents,
    data_direct.past_due_report p;

Sample Data

EM_ACC_1000180+2062784546082023-03-20 07:00:00+00
EM_ACC_100190+9797845138252023-04-20 07:00:00+00
EM_ACC_100230+33275849138252023-05-20 07:00:00+00
EM_ACC_1003180+2203334459102023-02-10 07:00:00+00
EM_ACC_1004180+1878973642023-01-20 07:00:00+00