Portfolio Analytics Dashboard

The Portfolio Analytics Dashboard in CanopyOS delivers an all-encompassing snapshot of your lending program's health and performance.

The Portfolio Analytics Dashboard within CanopyOS provides a comprehensive overview of your lending program, offering a holistic view that integrates seamlessly with Canopy's system. This dashboard is designed to present key metrics crucial for assessing the health and performance of your loan portfolio at a glance.

The Data

The information displayed on your dashboard is sourced directly from your DataDirect instance, a deliberate design choice aimed at simplifying the process of expanding and delving deeper into the metrics that matter most to you.

Given that the dashboard's data originates from DataDirect, the timeliness of the information you see reflects DataDirect's data refresh frequency, which is approximately one hour.


The following metrics are available in your Portfolio Analytics Dashboard within CanopyOS.

Open Accounts

Total number of accounts in any status excluding those in a CLOSED status.


Total number of customers with at least one open account associated with it.

Past Due Accounts

The number of open accounts with a past due balance. Accounts in a past due state strictly refer to whether or not a borrower has any accrued balance that has not been paid in full once the payment due date has passed and is independent from the delinquency status on an account.

Learn more about the difference between the delinquency status and past due state here.

Total Credit Usage

Total outstanding principal amounts across accounts. Utilization rate is a representation of this amount against the total credit limits on accounts.

Creations by Month

The Creations by Month card is a combined view to see your customer, account, and loan creations over time. It is the total number of customers, accounts, and installments (loan line items) created per the year-month of their effective at date.

Gross Revenue Breakdown

Total of all payments that have poured to account balances broken down by where they poured into.

It is important to note that the gross revenue includes all transactions that pour into and reduce the balance of an account, such as debit offsets.

Outstanding Balances & Payments Due

The pie chart depicts all the outstanding balances across your open accounts, broken down by interest, fees, and principal.

Along side the pie chart, you will see the portion of these outstanding accounts that are actively due on your borrower’s next due date as well as the portion of that which is due on the date you are viewing the dashboard.

Accounts Breakdown

Total number of accounts created by the year-month of their effective at date. This chart also includes the account status they are currently in.

Clicking on the Expand button will open a more detailed view of this chart to include the account sub-statues as well.

Accounts Breakdown by Top Products

The top 5 product constructs by the greatest number of accounts associated with them and what status those accounts are currently in.


The total number of customers by their created at date.

Active customers refer to those with any accounts in a non-closed status associated with them.

Inactive customers refer to those in which all accounts associated with them are in a closed status.

Risk: Charge Off

The Risk: Charge Off view provides two different insights:

  • The number of accounts that have been put into a Closed: Charge-off status along with their outstanding balances broken down by principal, interest, and fees.
  • A list of the top 5 most recently charged-off accounts including: the account ID, the customer associated with them, the day they were set to Closed: Charge-Off, and their outstanding balance.