How to manage refunds on an account and its affects in Canopy.


A Refund is a way to reduce the total amount owed on an account. This is often done to reverse the effect of a fee or charge.

How To Access

A refund can be created by POSTing to Create a refund for a specific account

    "effective_at": "2022-03-11T12:00:00-00:00",
    "original_amount_cents": 4200

This will create a line item of type REFUND on the account.

To get a list of refunds use the Get line items for a specific account. API and set the line_item_type query parameter to REFUND


This will return a paginated list of all refunds.


The original_amount_cents is guaranteed to be negative via abs(original_amount_cents) * -1


A refund will cause a disbursement refund to be created and money moved according to the rules setup in Payout Entities


See for documentation on how Galileo handles refunds.

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