Increase repayment rates and reduce cost of servicing with AutoPay.


Enabling autopay on an account will create a recurring payment. The recurrence is tied to the account's statement cycle.

How to Access

Enable AutoPay

To enable AutoPay edit the account's payment processor configuration Edit the payment processor configuration and set the 'autopay_enabled' to true.

In the autopay_configs set the desired method

MIN_PAYA dynamic minimum payment determined at time the AutoPay runs.
TOTAL_BALANCEThe total outstanding balance on the account at time of last statement
FIXED_AMOUNTA set fixed amount per statement cycle.
REMAINING_STATEMENT_BALANCEThe remaining unpaid statement balance.

How It Is Scheduled

Each account has a statement with a minimum payment due date. The AutoPay event is scheduled one day and one minute before the due date.

If a payment is due at 2023-02-03 01:00 UTC then the AutoPay event will be scheduled on 2023-02-02 00:59 UTC

Set Up Instructions

For Example:
To setup AutoPay on Account AB-123 perform a PUT on /accounts/AB-123/payment_processor_config

  "ach": {
    "payment_processor_name": "CANOPY_NACHA",
    "canopy_nacha_config": {
      "bank_routing_number": "999999992",
      "bank_account_number": "987654321",
      "bank_account_type": "CHECKING"
  "default_payment_processor_method": "ACH",
  "autopay_enabled": true,
  "autopay_configs": {
      "automay_method": "MIN_PAY"


If an AutoPay event fails for any reason, e.g. the payment was denied, then no more AutoPay events will be scheduled. AutoPay will have to be reconfigured to have further payments scheduled.

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