Getting Started Overview

Let's get you on your way to launching a credit or lending product!

Getting Started Overview

Section Goals

The goal of our Getting Started section is to provide you with a clear and direct path to integration with Canopy. This section focuses on the overall patterns and workflows for you to follow. Read our Fundamentals section to build a deeper understanding of why these patterns are in place, and how to contextualize them to your specific use-case.

Topics Covered

One-time Workflows

There are two core 3rd party integrations you'll need to set up to be able to properly configure products and accounts in future steps: Payment Processor and Credit Reporting. If you are setting up a card-based lending product, a third core integration is required: Issuer Processor.

Product setup is an infrequent action in Canopy; typically handled during our implementation process for new users. We set up a general template of key policies to enforce your credit or lending terms. As you programmatically onboard borrowers throughout your borrower lifecycle, they instantiate these policies.

As you continue to use Canopy, you will likely be able to self-serve launching your second product, once you are more familiar with the configurable policies in Canopy and how they affect the borrower lifecycle.

Data Migration

Many Canopy clients arrive with the intent to scale an existing home-grown solution or are out-growing their current vendor's capacity / area of focus.

The Data Migration section covers some common patterns for moving portfolio data onto our system.

Programmatic Setup

This section helps you build familiarity with patterns to test and build against our API, and validate system behavior in your test environment(s).

Programmatic Workflows

This is a one-time-per-borrower touchpoint. As Canopy is a post-origination system, this section will guide you through the steps and information flow to make sure all important information captured in your approval process is fully encoded into Canopy.

What’s Next