LoanLab allows you to simulate the entire lifecycle of a loan, test different policies and actions, and observe the effects over time (and in real-time).


What is LoanLab?

Let’s face it, credit and lending programs are complex - and your ledger is at the core of all of it, with zero room for error.

That's where LoanLab comes in, offering you a safe environment to simulate and test your policies, providing you with complete confidence in the outputs and behaviors you can expect from Canopy's system.

We created LoanLab with the goal of allowing you to make informed decisions, manage loans with confidence, and optimize efficiency and accuracy.


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What can I use LoanLab for?

Here are just a few use cases we thought you may find LoanLab useful for:

Experiment with New Products

Ready to expand into new markets? Simulate accounts on various product configurations to learn which is more effective for your business.

Validate Account Behaviors

Setup an entire account lifecycle to simulate and validate behaviors such as what happens when a partial payment is made, when exactly the account will go delinquent, and more.

Learn Canopy’s System

LoanLab is the perfect place to test out [new features ]( even train new members on the old ones!

LoanLab can help you answer questions such as:


When will the late fee be charged and how much will it be?


When exactly will an account go delinquent?


What happens if a borrower only makes a partial payment?


If I offer a product with a lower min pay, what will that mean for the overall interest collected over the account’s lifecycle?


What will the resulting statement min due amount be if a refund is applied?

and much more!

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