Reconcile payments with fulfillment.

The fulfillment end-point returns all payment splits for a specified payment. The corresponding response enables reconciliation of a payment to the specific obligation(s) in the amortization schedule. The response will contain the applicable AM_FEE, AM_INTEREST, and LOAN (principal) paid down by the payment along with the due date of the obligation(s).

For Borrowers with multiple loans and amortization schedules, this end-point enables the operator to reconcile the specific obligation(s) paid down by a payment.

Response Definitions:

  • graced_min_pay_due_at: The date a minimum payment is due before the borrower would incur applicable late fees including the payment grace period. This value will be the same as the min_pay_due_at if there is no grace period.
  • min_pay_due_at: The due date or payment obligation date of the line_item the payment poured into based on the am_forecast table.
  • min_pay_line_item_id: The line_item id of the Am line_item contained in the line_items table. It will be unique for each AM_INTEREST and AM_FEE.
    • The LOAN line_item represents the PRINCIPAL allocation of the payment and line_item_id is the same for each loan (i.e. not unique).

Example Response:

        "graced_min_pay_due_at": "2023-01-23T08:00:00Z",
        "min_pay_due_at": "2023-01-23T08:00:00Z",
        "amount_cents": 3332,
        "min_pay_fulfillment_type": "AM_INTEREST",
        "min_pay_line_item_id": "can_1314",
        "min_pay_loan_line_item_id": "can_1308"
        "graced_min_pay_due_at": "2023-01-23T08:00:00Z",
        "min_pay_due_at": "2023-01-23T08:00:00Z",
        "amount_cents": 166667,
        "min_pay_fulfillment_type": "LOAN",
        "min_pay_line_item_id": "can_1308",
        "min_pay_loan_line_item_id": "can_1308"

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