Payment Processor

Canopy has low-code payment processor integrations with the processors you already know and trust.


Having a payment processor is essential to being able to "move money" with Canopy. We've partnered with some of the world's top payment processors to offer low-code integrations with the processors you already know and trust. This also keeps your customer's sensitive payment data secure at a single source outside of Canopy.

Payment Processor

Supported Payment Processors

Canopy provides a consistent abstraction over several popular payment processors.

  • Dwolla
  • Repay
  • Modern Treasury
  • Galileo


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We have built flexible APIs that cover the full range of interactions that modern payment processors need allowing us to support additional or in house payment processors.

Configuration Guide

You must have an active account with the payment processor and the ability to obtain appropriate access tokens to supply to Canopy.

The payment processor must be configured with appropriate access credentials.
This is done via the Organizations end point

Processor-specific Guides

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