Integration Patterns

Best practices for using Canopy to power external software systems



Our System-of-Record does not exist in a vacuum. It is the core part that ties together many sub-systems including:

  • Money movement
  • Issuing cards
  • Credit reporting


Our design philosophy

We had a choice of building other components required for running a lending program ourselves or deferring to the best-in-class. Since flexibility is our core tenet, we went with the latter.

Key Patterns

When it comes to integrating 3rd party software with Canopy, there are 2 options available today:

  1. Ready-made integrations by Canopy
  2. Deep API surface for your own customization

Integrations by Canopy

This pattern implies that Canopy has done the heavy lifting of integrating with other software via APIs. You can think of them as 'out-of-the-box' integrations.

You should note that all integrations mentioned by name in our Guides (e.g. Dwolla, Bloom) fall into this category.

To make use of said integration, you would need to pass us your 3rd party app keys via an API call to the relevant endpoint.

Check out our Integrations Set Up guide for more details

Using existing API surface

It is always possible to make use of our Webhooks and build middleware that would subscribe to event notifications from Canopy's System-Of-Record (SOR).

For example, you want to build a workflow where a customer gets sent an e-mail as their status changes to DELINQUENT.

Your middleware will subscribe to account_delinquency* webhook and listen for updates. Upon receiving one, you'd double check the status by calling Get a specific Account API endpoint. If it's still DELINQUENT, then you'd trigger an e-mail (via your CRM of choice) to be sent out to that customer reminding them to pay.


Let's have a chat!

This approach requires an intimate understanding of Canopy's system behavior. Hence, we highly recommend getting in touch with our team to explain your use case. This way we can consult on the best way to build your workflow.

Key Integrations Built by Canopy

Core Integrations (Required for running a lending program)

Payment Processor
Money movement systems. Canopy notifies your configured payment processor to move funds. Payment processor integration differs by the types of payments supported (repayments, refunds, disbursements, investor pay-outs).

Issuer Processor
Card issuing systems. Canopy communicates the latest balances to Issuer Processor on every credit card swipe. Issuing a card(s) whenever the borrower is onboarded into Canopy is also possible.

Credit Reporting
Systems managing borrower credit reporting. Canopy communicates relevant borrower activity via Credit data integration. Canopy also helps with the onboarding of our partner of choice.