Manage your customers and accounts within a user-friendly web application.



CanopyOS is a powerful, user-friendly web application for managing and viewing customer loan accounts. It's where you will be able to view your products, manage your customers and their associated accounts, as well as manage your team's access.

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Who is CanopyOS For?

CanopyOS is designed to meet the needs of a diverse user base. Business users seeking to view and manage the details of their accounts will find the tools and insights they need to effectively oversee their operations.

Additionally, those tasked with managing borrower requests, such as customer service agents, will find a comprehensive suite of features that streamline interactions and decision-making.

Key Features

Multi-Product Capable

  • The interface adapts dynamically to the specific account and product configuration allowing you to easily manage multiple product constructs.

Customer Management

  • View and manage customer information.
  • Enable and manage customer Borrower Portal access.

Account Management

  • Manage and service your customer's accounts.

Product Configurations

  • View your product configurations.

Team Admin Settings

  • Add and manage team members in CanopyOS.
  • Team member access level management.

Simulate & Experiment

  • Use LoanLab inside of CanopyOS to simulate and experiment with policy configurations and verify test cases.
  • Allow your agents and operators to Preview various actions on an account before you submit them through the UI to verify the action being taken will have the intended outcome.

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