Canopy Connect

Connect is a user friendly, no-code workflow builder that allows users to integrate Canopy with the other systems that power their lending program and automate manual processes.

Unleash growth and efficiency in your lending program with Canopy Connect

Your drag-and-drop solution to effortlessly integrate your business systems and automate manual processes, all from within CanopyOS

With its intuitive interface, users can effortlessly create workflows by configuring triggers, adding filters and rules, and automated actions. These capabilities enable seamless integration with CRM systems, smooth borrower communication, effortless report generation, and much more.

By simplifying the process of building integrations, automating notifications, and providing comprehensive account monitoring, Connect empowers you to enhance operational efficiency and concentrate on delivering exceptional services.

Problem Spaces Connect Solves For

Running a lending program requires managing and keeping track of numerous processes and systems and Canopy is at the core of it all.

Canopy holds the source of truth for your borrower activity, but we understand that Canopy is not the only system needed to run your business. All of the other downstream systems that power your program need to be aware of the activity that happens within Canopy.

You need your accounting software and your CRM providers to be aware of the data and changes that happen within Canopy. Not to mention all of the processes you need to manage to handle disputes, delinquency and hardship strategy and operations, and reporting out to your bank, just to name a few.

This is where Canopy Connect shines - it's designed to streamline and automate these tasks. By saving you time and resources, Canopy Connect allows you to focus on the crucial aspects of growing and scaling your business.

To top it all off, Canopy has created a number of templates that power these scenarios to get you up and running even faster.

Canopy Connect is an incredibly robust and powerful tool that can solve a number of use cases for your business. Below are just a few examples of what it can do.

Custom Integrations

Easily define custom integrations with Canopy and the other systems that power your business, such as your CRM system or accounting software.

Check out all of the systems that Canopy can connect with out of the box here.

Automate Reporting

Schedule DataDirect report generation and sending.

Send Payment Reminders

Increase repayment rates by send upcoming and past due payment reminders to borrowers.

Alert Monitors

Want to know when an agent has increased a credit limit over a certain threshold? Automatically get notified via text, email, Slack, or ticket creation.

How Connect Can Benefit You

Reduce Costs

By leveraging integrations, your company can significantly reduce the amount of developer time required to build these connections from scratch. This not only saves on costs but also allows your developers to focus on other critical tasks.

Additionally, by automating repetitive and manual tasks, your team can save time and energy, which can be redirected towards more strategic and value-adding activities.

Increase Team Efficiency

Automation of manual tasks can significantly increase your team's efficiency. By eliminating the need for manual intervention in routine tasks, your team can focus on what truly matters - delivering value to your customers and growing the business.

Expedite Growth

Canopy understands that to be a world-class lender, you need to use best-in-class services for every aspect of your business. Therefore, Canopy allows for easy integration with top-tier providers for each business need, such as CRM providers and accounting software. This enables you to create a robust and efficient ecosystem that supports and expedites your business growth.

Automation and integration are key to scaling your business. By automating manual work, you can handle larger volumes of work without a proportional increase in resources or costs.

Safety & Confidence

The problem with most integrations is that they are a black box unless you are an engineer.

Moreover, automation reduces the instances of human error, ensuring that your processes are more accurate and reliable, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Key Features

User Friendly Workflow Builder

A user friendly interface enables both business and IT users to quickly build workflow automations with low or no code.

Out-of-the-box Templates

Canopy has built a library of templates to enable common use cases without having to even build a workflow.

100+ Application & Action Connectors

Connect comes loaded with a number of applications and actions to power integrations and workflows in just a few clicks. Find the full list of Connectors here.

Canopy Connector

Have a workflow automatically start based on an event happening in Canopy or take any action available in Canopy's API without a single line of code.

Built in Testing

Have confidence in your workflows and integration behavior by testing them directly in Connect.

Monitoring & Logging

Full visibility of all executions and results from each step are built into Connect along with the ability to enable alert monitors for failed runs.

What’s Next