Core Concepts

Understanding Connect Possible Use Cases

Canopy Connect is an ideal solution tailored for two primary scenarios.

Facilitating seamless integrations among the various systems that power your lending program

Automating recurring processes that are triggered either by time or by events within Canopy (or any other system that provides webhook notifications or operates on a timetable).

This intelligent automation not only streamlines workflows but also eliminates the need for manual intervention in routine tasks.

Key Definitions

Workflow Groups

Connect allows creating and grouping related workflows together. This makes it easy to enable/disable and monitor related workflows. It's also particularly useful for creating integrations that require multiple flows.

For example, if you wanted to have an integration to your CRM provider, such as ZenDesk, you can have one workflow to create a user when a Canopy account is created and others for creating tickets based on account activity.


Each individual workflow within a Workflow Group is considered a flow.

You can switch between flows by clicking on the name of the flow in the upper left hand corner of the Builder.


Each individual action within a Flow is considered a Step.


A Trigger is a Step that starts a flow. See all available Triggers here.


Once you're happy with your Workflow Group and ready to enable it in your environment, you will deploy and configure it. Once deployed, it will become an Instance.

An Instance is a particular configuration of a Workflow Group that has been deployed. This is helpful if you want to have more than one configuration of a Workflow Group.

Here is an example of where being able to have multiple Instances of a Workflow Group can come in handy:

Canopy has created a template that allows you to email a report from DataDirect on a schedule.

This template comes with the following configurations:

Schedule: When you'd like it to be sent.

Query: The SQL you would like to be run to execute against DataDirect.

Email To: The email address you would like the report to be sent to.

In this case, you may want to deploy multiple Instances to be able to schedule and send multiple different reports.


Canopy has pre-built a number of Workflow Groups for you in the form of Templates.

Templates will pre-populate all of the flows and actions needed to achieve a certain task. You can then use these flows as is, or make modifications to suit any bespoke needs.

Templates Available

DataDirect Report Sending

This template will allow you to choose a schedule on which it will generate a spreadsheet based on your provided query and send it via email. This is useful for reporting out to your bank, automating collection reports, generating lists for your operations team and more.

PDF Statement Generation

Automatically formate your statement data to a PDF and automte sending it out to your borrowers when their statement cuts.

Borrower Upcoming Payment Reminders

Increase your repayment rates by proactively reminding your borrower's of their approaching due date. For accounts in which you've configured a payment_due_date webhook, this template can send your borrower an email and/or text message alert.

Setup Webhook Alerts Per Account

You may have noticed that Canopy's configurable webhooks need to be set per account. This template will configure and subscribe to these automatically every time an account is created. You can easily add in different rules, such as setting more frequent notifications based on the account type.

Disable Late Fees for SCRA

When SCRA benefits are applied to an account, when enabled, this template will automatically turn off late fees. It will also automatically turn them back on when SCRA benefits are disabled.

Canopy Webhook Received

Need to trigger a certain action based on an event happening in Canopy's system? This is a generalized template that comes with all of the setup steps necessary to kickoff a Flow based on when a webhook is received from Canopy. All you need to do is add the action you want to happen next.

Templates Coming Soon

While the Connectors needed to create each of these Flows below exists today, Canopy is planning on further building out their template library to save you even more time on the following:

Safety & Security

Data Threshold Alerts
Want to be notified if an agent increases a credit limit beyond X%? Or if a payment has been in a pending status for more than a week? This template will allow you to input the criteria you want to monitor for and then send you a notification per your preferences when it occurs.

OpenAI ChatGPT
Looking to incorporate AI into your program? Automate connecting to chatGPT as part of your Flow.

Account System Integrations

Canopy + NetSuite Integration

Integrate with your CRM and customer servicing system

  • Canopy + ZenDesk
  • Canopy + Hubspot Integration
  • Canopy + Salesforce Integration

Looking for a template not listed above, tell us about it here!

What’s Next