Welcome to Canopy

This page will help you get started with your lending program in Canopy. Here, we'll walk through the fundamentals, how to design your program for success, and our go-live checklist.

Canopy Documentation

Canopy Documentation

Canopy provides a low-code solution to help you launch and sustain lending programs.

We support installment lending programs, revolving lending programs (e.g., credit cards, charge cards, lines of credit), and customizable, unique programs (such as multi-advance and MCA) that fit within your business model.

Canopy Fundamentals

Understanding the core constructs and architecture of Canopy is important to getting started. This section will help you understand the fundamentals of our system and API.

Getting Started

Once you have a solid understanding of the Fundamentals that make up the Canopy platform, you're ready to jump into the next section, Getting Started. This step-by-step section will walk you through how to configure and set up a standard lending program within Canopy.

Canopy Platform

Canopy offers a suite of powerful tools and products designed to make your day-to-day operations a breeze. At the heart of our system, you'll discover CanopyOS, LoanLab, DataDirect, and our white-labeled Borrower Portal.

API Reference

As developers ourselves, we wanted to build a great platform β€” one we would want to use β€” with well-documented, easy-to-use APIs that maximize flexibility and correctness. Guides are designed to explain Canopy's features and products at a high level and show common examples.

If you're ready to dig into the complexities and flexibility of Canopy, please refer to our API Reference pages below.

What’s Next