Create an Account

Create the computational vehicle to manage your new borrower's lifecycle

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Prior to this section, we recommend that you create a customer. While Accounts in Canopy can exist fully independent of a customer record, we strongly recommend including a Customer to contextualize the loan details. The customer <> account pairing is relevant for downstream services as well, such as Statements or Metro2 report generation.



In the Create Account API call, you will need to link the customer ID from the Create Customer API call. If you are using one of Canopy’s out-of-the-box front-ends, unlinked Customers and unlinked Accounts will not be visible in the UI.

Create an Account

🔗 Create an Account

(Computational data like interest rate, loan amount, etc)
This is used for Revolving lines of credit, Installment loans, and MultiLoan products, and other hybrid-type loan agreements.

To build a more detailed understanding of how to structure your account creation payload, check out our Account Fundamentals pages. However, we recommend getting started with a simple payload from one of our Recipes.



Customers and Accounts in Canopy have a many-to-many relationship. So, for example, you could set up two customers with a joint account (two customers to one account), or you could have a single customer with an installment loan and a charge card (one customer with two accounts).

Testing and Validation:

To validate account creation, you can retrieve your newly created account via the Get a specific Account API request.

Webhooks and Event Handling:

Account Creation and Account Update webhooks help you manage any systems that need to respond to changes in account state. Check out our Webhooks documentation to learn more.