LoanLab FAQs

Frequently asked questions about LoanLab.


What does the purple Simulation Environment mean?

The Simulation Environment header is there to be an easy indicator to remind you that you are in a safe testing environment.

I don’t see a LoanLab option in my environment menu.*

Check the URL of your environment. LoanLab is only availble in UAT environments.

See Accessing LoanLab →

Is this going to affect my other accounts?

No! LoanLab is a safe environment for you to simulate, experiment, and test!

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Where is the list of products coming from?

These are the products you have previously configured in your UAT environment.

How can I see what the product configuration it set to?

There are two ways you can do this.

  1. After selecting a product, you will be shown a link to “View Product Details” - clicking on this will reveal your CanopyOS product drawer.
  2. To get the full product configuration, you can make a call to the Canopy API GET /products endpoint.

What if I want to test a new product not listed?

You can create a new product by calling Canopy’s POST /products endpoint. New products added in your UAT environment with a product_type value of “INSTALLMENT” or “REVOLVING” will be available to use in LoanLab.

Why do I not see my product as an option?

LoanLab limits product selection to those created with a product_type value of “INSTALLMENT” or “REVOLVING”. Please reach out to us if you have a need beyond these.

What are the values there by default when creating the simulation account?

We’ve defaulted these inputs for your connivence, but you may choose to fill in all or none of them.

All account level configuration inputs are optional; if not provided, they will default to the product level configuration.

What do the account setup inputs map to in Canopy’s create account API call?

Those mappings can be found under Account Setup Inputs

Action Timeline

Why can I only pick certain dates when I add an action?

When adding new Actions, you can only select a date beyond the last played action. This means that once an Action has been executed, you can no longer modify the timeline prior to that point. However, you can still View the account at a previous point in time.

What are each of the actions?

Each Action definition can be found under Add Action: Options →

Why can’t I add an action?

The only time you cannot add an additional Action is if the account has been fully played through its lifecycle.

If you are using a revolving product, you can Add Additional Cycles.

How can I edit or delete an action?

You can edit or delete unplayed Actions by clicking on the ellipse next to it to reveal the Options Menu.

I clicked Play on one action and it started playing other actions.

If you Play an Action further down the timeline, any unplayed Actions earlier in the timeline will also get played.

Why do I only see a certain number of cycles?

Learn more about Cycles →

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How do I test automated delinquency and charge-off behavior?

You can simulate a missed payment by simply Playing to an [Automation] Assess Late Fee Action in the timeline without adding a Make A Payment action that fulfills the account minimum balance due prior to it.

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